What even is spirituality?!

In short, spirituality is a truly unique experience to the individual. Whatever you believe in, you can pray to and ask for guidance and support. Spirituality is not synonymous to religion, religion is man-made. Spirituality existed long before religions were introduced. Even if you don’t believe in any God, you may benefit from praying to our stars, the universe, nature. Proven realities that have a special place in your heart. Personally, I pray to my ancestors and angel guides.

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What is ancestral worship?

Ancestral worship is huge and catapulted me into my second spiritual awakening (yes, you can have many awakenings in one lifetime). I recommend researching your family history and trying to build a connection to your deceased relatives and even deceased pets with an altar! Food and water offerings, candles, pictures or even just their names written out is an amazing place to start!

What are some other practices that have helped you?

Tarot was my first spiritual practice that I enjoyed regularly, but didn’t necessarily help me develop spiritually as much as these other things. Shadow work, which is learning about your shadow self. Learning all of your insecurities, your toxic behavioral patterns, past traumas, etc., and working to heal them and replace the negative thinking patterns with positive ones! Inner-child healing has helped me the most in terms of my childhood trauma. This requires looking back on the most raw, unhappy memories from childhood. Reflect and tell yourself something along the lines of “I got your back now, look how far you’ve come. Nobody had your back then except for me, and I always will.” Also, treat yourself to something the child version of you would enjoy! That adolescent version of ourselves is still within. Personally, I let myself have a kids meal from McDonald’s every once in a while because I never was allowed to have them. I’m also taking myself to Egypt because I was obsessed with Ancient Egypt as a child and still am!  Learning about the 114 different chakras (not just 7) has also helped me. Chakras can be opened through meditation, smells, yoga poses, crystals, colors, mantras, etc. I also practice  mindfulness, journaling, creative expression (any art form)

getting started with an altar

My altar is pretty big, but yours doesn’t have to be! I understand there is concerns of limited space or family being judgmental. All you need is a table, dresser, cubbyhole, or even the wall. You can hang up pictures of your ancestors or whoever you pray to, or even just write their names on paper. I also recommend lit candles and water to represent the four elements. Some other common offerings include: food, incense, crystals, drawings, but it’s ultimately up to you! I also have some of my spell jars in my altar and they give it great energy!

Spell jars

I have large and mini spell jars! There are all types that you can purchase, the possibilities are endless. But, I no longer sell “love spells” or “curses”. It’s felt unethical to go against people’s free will. Some popular ones that are my favorite are: self love/confidence, creativity, peacefulness, mindfulness. If you have an idea for one, the chances are I’m able to do it! If you’re questioning it, just shoot me an email at: answers@madamangie.com



Channelling Spirits

This one is by far my favorite experience, for both you and me! I’ve helped people reconnect with lost loved ones ranging from a family friend, to a family member, to a beloved pet. I know it may seem far fetched, but open your mind and reconnect with a spirit you know. Even a guardian angel who you haven’t met in this lifetime. Our FaceTime/zoom session will be 45mins to an hour. Just leave me with at least a picture or some information of the spirit you wish to contact. Even just a name is fine, but the extra information makes it easier on me!


How to start shadow work

I recommend keeping a specific journal for your shadow work. Whenever you sense yourself engaging in toxic behavior, write it down. When you catch yourself speaking rudely to yourself or others, write it down. Get to the root reasoning of why you act this way and work towards healing it.


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